For the Love Of: Rihanna

Recently crowned Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive, Rihanna added that to her many achievements this year.

Of course, she’s drop-dead gorgeous and her music has had us dancing the whole year. So I think she deserved the title.

However, we all noticed that her love interest in We Found Love looks a lot like ex-beau Chris Brown. Here’s what the 23 year old had to say about him:

“It’s incredible to see how he pulled out of it the way he did. Even when the world seemed like it was against him, you know? I really like the music he’s putting out. I’m a fan of his stuff. I’ve always been a fan. Obviously, I had some resentment toward him for a while, for obvious reasons. But I’ve put that behind me. It was taking up too much of my time. It was too much anger. I’m really excited to see the breakthrough he’s had in his career. I would never wish anything horrible for him. Never. I never have.”

It’s been long enough, she should just let it be now and stop provoking the reactions that everyone has. What are your thoughts?


Feeling Happy

I may not like all of these pieces but I’ll post them just because the colours are eye-catching and make me feel happy 🙂

Cannibals and pineapples

Three men were in the forest when cannibals suddenly pounced on them.
The cannibals said that they wouldn’t eat them if they bring back 10 of the same fruit.
So the three guys go into the forest to get the fruit.
The first guy comes back with 10 apples.
Then the cannibals say, “Now the second thing you have to do is shove them up your a$$ without changing the expression on your face.”
So the guy shoves the first apple up his a$$ and then whinces. The cannibals eat him.
Then the second guy comes back with 10 berries.
Again, the cannibals say, “Now the second thing you have to do is shove them up your a$$ without changing the expression on your face.”
So the guy shoves 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8… And begins to laugh like a madman, resulting in the cannibals eating him.
Then in heaven, the first guy says to the second guy, “Why did you laugh?! You almost had it!” To which the second man replies, “I saw the other guy coming with pineapples!”

Coldplay’s ‘Hurts Like Heaven’

We all have that song which we rock out to in our bedroom, door closed and headphones on. We dance without feeling embarrassed because we ensure that noone’s watching.

Mine is one of the many great songs on Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto and these are the lyrics:

Written in graffiti on a bridge in a park
‘Do you ever get the feeling that you’re missing the mark?’
It’s so cold, it’s so cold
It’s so cold, it’s so cold

Written up in marker on a factory sign
‘I struggle with the feeling that my life isn’t mine’
It’s so cold, it’s so cold
It’s so cold, it’s so cold

See the arrow that they shot, trying to tear us apart
Fire from my belly and the beat from my heart
Still I won’t let go
Still I won’t let go


‘Cause you do

Oh you, use your heart as a weapon
And it hurts like heaven

On every street, every car, every surface are names
And at the streets arise, i’ll be rather insane
Don’t let them take control
No we won’t let take control

Yes, I feel a little bit nervous,
Yes, I feel nervous and I cannot relax,
How come they’re out to get us?
How come they’re out when they don’t know the facts?

So on concrete canvas under cover of dark
Concrete canvas, I’ll go making my mark
Armed with a spray can soul
I’ll be armed with a spray can soul


Oh, you

Yes, you
You use your heart as a weapon
And it hurts like heaven


It’s true
When you
Use your heart as a weapon
It hurts like heaven


Heel or sandal, Ancient Gladiator shoes are a great way to look casual and they look flattering on everyone.

They work especially well if you are not-so-lean and elongate those legs. For me, these are a personal summer favourite but it seems they are being out-shined by the popular wedge. Of course, you can’t really wear gladiators with jeans because you want to show off that pattern.

Pair them with shorts or a white summer dress and you’re good to head to the beach. If you like, you can even just roll up the hem of your pants to make it work.

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo

For the Love Of: Kimora Lee Simmons

She’s “A mogul, a model and a mom.” And Kimora Lee-Simmons is – as she would say – fabulous at what what she does.

Her extroverted personality makes us love Kimora even more because she’s not afraid to say what we are thinking. Quite frankly, she makes me want to marry an Asian guy if our babies are going to come out like that! Okay, maybe I’m taking it too far there.

And aren’t her girls, Ming and Aoki, just the prettiest? Let’s hope Kenzo grows up with the gene in him. Djimon and those little tots are pretty lucky.

OK! Magazine

OK! Magazine

The Boyfriend Cardigan

So it seems like boyfriend everything is in style these days. However, that doesn’t mean you can just throw on your beau’s anything because he’s the ‘boyfriend’.

Cardigans have made no exception to this trend. They’re just a little different to ordinary cardigans. The boyfriend cardigan is longer and snugglier (it should hold you quite comfortably). Its also a great option when going out and fearing that the weather will change. This simple piece can make your look more casual and I love it for that.

Check out these examples on how to wear it.

“I was abused and…”

From the corner of my eye, I noticed our helper shed a tear as we watched Bridalplasty and the ladies pleaded to stay in the competition. Then a revelation came and I had the following soliloquy:

“Why can’t people on game shows have good back stories? Every time one of them is near elimination, they start the waterworks by telling us about how they struggled for most of their lives and were abused. I mean, I sympathize with them because these are serious issues but I don’t think that they should determine how far a person goes in the competition.”

Let me know what your views are on this topic.

Unflattering Fit

What’s worse than a lady’s bra-straps showing? A bra that doesn’t fit!

I went to the supermarket today for a slab of chocolate with shortbread bits (my guilty pleasure) and as I stood at the counter behind a full-figured woman, I noticed that her bra was digging into her back. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being well-rounded. As Mika says “Big girls you are beautiful.” However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t know when something is unflattering.

If your bra is uncomfortable then it probably isn’t the right size for you, doll. Then there are the people in my category who lack that… Should I say, talent? These babies don’t seem to be growing! But that doesn’t mean that I should wear bigger bras to give of the illusion that my assets are bigger than they are.

Some of us may not know what the correct cup is. That’s what lingerie shops are for. Go in for a fitting or just ask someone you trust when you’re unsure.