You and I

So am I the only one who is still convinced that Lady Gaga is on some satanic tip? I was listening to You and I this morning and I noticed that I couldn’t stop myself from singing along. She’s started a movement and the lady is cashing in on it!

Then there are those that say Beyonce is part of the cult (Hayi ke, ndiyajiya ngo-B!). Yeah, her Run The World video has a girl on the cross but she’s just showing her concept of woman empowerment. You shouldn’t have to interpret things in a different way or play her song with the lyrics in a certain order to prove that she’s satanic. She either is or she isn’t. I vote not.

Gaga? She needs a prayer or two!


4 comments on “You and I

  1. I absolutely love that song – if you listen carefully I think she’s just showing how much she loves her nabraska guy — I don’t know if its just me but I absolutely love gaga 🙂 and I’m nOt satanic (:
    Nice blog though Imi

  2. Don’t get me wrong, I think some of her music is really cool :). But have you seen the music video for Judas? Bare in mind that Judas is the dude who betrayed Jesus. I’m not very religious but that’s gotta mean something!

    And no Phila, you aren’t satanic lol. You’re cool (BBM thumbs up)

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