We Aren’t All The Same

So I was watching the Back-Up Plan earlier and I just had to put this out there: not all of us girls like romantic comedies.

Personally, I think they’re far too predictable! I mean, girl meets boy, they get into a fight and they end up falling in love. That’s far too bland for my liking. Don’t take me wrong, some of them (e.g: P.S I Love You) make my list of all-time Favourite Movies. But if I had to count them down, I’d think the list would be as follows:

1. Takers
2. Taken
3. P.S. I Love You
4. Wanted
5. Salt

I like some action/thriller when I find something worth watching. Let’s observe Takers: the stunts are incredible, the plot is unpredictable and the actors? (Wipes away the drool).

My point? You don’t necessarily have to take her to the lastest Chick Flick to make her happy. Show her something YOU like cause she might like it too.

My #1

My #1


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