Breaking Dawn: Part One

You can imagine the excitement that has been building up to the release of the fourth installment in the Twilight Saga. It brought me so much joy to learn that it premiering on Wednesday (the 16th of November) meant that it came to us South Africans before it was released in Hollywood.

Someone say “Booyaa!”. My friend booked tickets for us to go watch it tomorrow afternoon cause they were selling like hot cakes. I hope its as good as I anticipate it to be!

Don’t you just hate reading a book then watching the film adaptation to find that they didn’t do the author justice? But, judging by the success of the last three movies, it’s bound to be good. I mean, its got Robert Pattinson in it! Yes, I’m on Team Edward. Got a problem? Jacob freaking imprints on the baby! I can’t hate him though because they have Taylor Lautner playing the part. Lucky Lily Collins!



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