For the Love Of: Rachel Crowe

Singing Sensation

Singing Sensation

I’ve been so caught up with learning lately that I haven’t been paying my dues to Simon Cowell’s latest masterpiece, the X-Factor.

Well… It may not even be the show, but one person in particular. Astro’s good, he’s not the one though. I love Chris Rene, but neither is he. Leroy Bell? He’d make a sexy grandpa but I’m not talking about him either. The star of the show and the apple of both mine and countless thousands’ eyes is Rachel Crowe!

The girls got some lungs in her. Quite honestly, she makes me feel like a tone-deaf moose accompanying Celine Dion. What makes people (me) love her even more is her story: Rachel was a crack baby. She grew up in a crack house until the state took her away from her mother and put her into a foster care system. That’s how she came to know her adoptive family and thank goodness they saw the beauty in her! Not only is she beautiful, Rachel is full of character. Who can forget the “a girl needs her own bathroom” bit.

Whether she wins or not, Rachel will be the most memorable contestant on this first season of the show.

We love you Rachel.


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