Tone Up Those Beach Bods

I know I’m thin, but I always have this little bulge below my stomach that I can’t seem to get rid off. Googling exercise tips earlier today, I realized that: I don’t want to go to the gym everyday and eat fruits and veggies just to tone up for summer.

So, I found a few simple tips that require very little effort and which will barely change your lifestyle.

1. Drink lots of water – not only is it good for your skin, but water cleanses out your whole body and makes you feel good.
2. Eat slowly – apparently, if you eat too fast you don’t realize you’re full, since the food takes a while to go down to your stomach and your stomach is too slow to tell the brain it is full.
3. Eat more fibre and less food with additives. Fibre burns the calories and fat. (It also relieves constipation hahaha)
4. Don’t skip breakfast – your body stores more fat and you have less energy when you skip breakfast.

When you’re bored at home and have nothing better to do, try to squeeze in a few lunges for the bum and thighs, sit-ups for the tummy and arm exercises for the flab.

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