For the Love Of: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

His kiddyish charm has landed Joe (as he refers to himself on HitRECord) on the For the Love Of list.

We watched him rise from 3rd Planet From The Sun, oh was he so cute, to the recent release 50/50, which I am yet to see. Among his many works was his Golden Globe nominated role in 500 Days Of Summer.

Dear, I wish I was Summer. The scene where he TELLs her that they’re dating after his bar-fight is one of my favourites. Right after his drunken karaoke stint though. Don’t you just love his dimple?

I’m glad that he’s not one of the child stars who vanished after their premature fame. I’m keen to catch 50/50 as soon as it comes out in our movie houses.


Vintage Hair

I love vintage hair when it’s done properly. The look is very elegant and classy, so it is definitely a style I would wear to a dance or – crosses fingers – my wedding.

Here are some very nice looks I found: