Gym Wear

My not so frequent visits to the gym allow me to plan an outfit before I go. That’s right, I plan my gym outfit.

You often see many people you know there, so its social suicide pitching up in torn tracksuit pants and a washed-out yellow top (We can tell when it’s supposed to be white, darling).

Here are a few ideas for outfits that are easy to exercise/sweat in and are even easier on the eyes:


“Flex, 2, 3, 4..”

So am I the only one who has noticed how sexy trainers at the Virgin Active Health Clubs are?

I’m not one to gym often but since summer is coming, I figured that I should go to the gym at least once every two weeks (Yes, that’s an improvement). Not only for the beach body though, but also for the trainers. And who has never pretended that they don’t know how to stretch so that the trainers can help them out?

Oh, those boys. I swear, they do something to me. Just pulled into the parking lot now. If I can cycle for at least 15 minutes and jog a kilometer then I’ll deem this day as being productive.

Let’s go.

Getting A Job – Not

So I asked my parents if I could get a job this summer and I regretted asking in the first place.

They went on about how getting a job will hamper my focus on school and make me one of those supermarket-cashiers who fall pregnant at 20. Seriously?

I argued back that I’m on holiday, it’s not like I have anything better to do. Anyway, I didn’t argue any further because I know that it’s their money which they’re sacrificing by saying no. Just because they said that, ima spend like mad! Those . Darn. Suckeeers.