For the Love Of: Kanye West

He’s one of a handful of men that I know who can rock a man purse and still look good.

Kanye has that sex appeal and I find his nonchalant very attractive. The flames that he and Amber Rose probably ignited in their bedroom! You have to love his style sensibility.


Home Remedies for Zits

As I’ve stated in a previous blog piece, I struggle with acne problems and THEE worst thing that can happen before a big day is the dreaded zit!

So if that ever befalls you, here are some tips that I follow to make sure that its barely visible or completely gone:

☀Put toothpaste on it overnight. I’m not sure what’s in it but the paste dries it up and makes the bump much smaller.

☀Lemon juice works in the same fashion as toothpaste. Just put it on overnight and it will be better in the morning, but this does burn just a little for me.

☀Apply honey and cinnamon to the pimples but watch out that it does not stain your pillow because honey is sticky. This is the best remedy because for most.

Check out: for more tips.

“I was abused and…”

From the corner of my eye, I noticed our helper shed a tear as we watched Bridalplasty and the ladies pleaded to stay in the competition. Then a revelation came and I had the following soliloquy:

“Why can’t people on game shows have good back stories? Every time one of them is near elimination, they start the waterworks by telling us about how they struggled for most of their lives and were abused. I mean, I sympathize with them because these are serious issues but I don’t think that they should determine how far a person goes in the competition.”

Let me know what your views are on this topic.

Color Blocking: How It’s Done

I would totally wear this.

I would totally wear this.

A dress by Karen Millen

A dress by Karen Millen

Another one of my favourite trends lately is colour blocking.

I didn’t know what this was at the beginning of the year but so many stars have worn it that it’s become difficult to not notice it even in your food! We’re hitting summer down in East London and I hope it becomes as big as it has been in New York. Summer is obviously about lots of different colours. So why not try them all together? (try being the operative word because this doesn’t work for everyone)

Although I say try different colours together, be sure to not overdo it! Wearing one two coloured blocked items should be the limit, and watch which colours you choose to match because they could make or break your outfit.

Any colour blocked item matched with black is a sure hit, as you can see in these examples. And when will that red lip run out of style? Never!

We Aren’t All The Same

So I was watching the Back-Up Plan earlier and I just had to put this out there: not all of us girls like romantic comedies.

Personally, I think they’re far too predictable! I mean, girl meets boy, they get into a fight and they end up falling in love. That’s far too bland for my liking. Don’t take me wrong, some of them (e.g: P.S I Love You) make my list of all-time Favourite Movies. But if I had to count them down, I’d think the list would be as follows:

1. Takers
2. Taken
3. P.S. I Love You
4. Wanted
5. Salt

I like some action/thriller when I find something worth watching. Let’s observe Takers: the stunts are incredible, the plot is unpredictable and the actors? (Wipes away the drool).

My point? You don’t necessarily have to take her to the lastest Chick Flick to make her happy. Show her something YOU like cause she might like it too.

My #1

My #1

The High-Waist Trend

Pair them with Gladiators and a Blazer. Hot!

Pair them with Gladiators and a Blazer. Hot!

I’ve seen people wear high-waisted items that totally fit them the wrong way! Personally, I haven’t worn shorts before but its fact that when they look good, they look great. On the other hand, when they aren’t fitting right, they look like a horrible mess!

Evaluate yourself over and over before you decide to wear high-waisted shorts when you go out.

Short people: don’t wear them too high cause they’ll make you look even shorter.
Big asses (I fall into this category): don’t wear them too tight cause they make it look bigger.
Big breasts: if they’re too close to your boobs, they’ll look unattractively big.

Look at me blogging like I even have a pair! Well, I know what to add to my Christmas Wish List now.

Blemish Problems?

I’ve had problems with my skin since Grade 9. I get breakouts and then they leave blemishes on my face. Most of the stuff in retail supermarkets doesn’t make too much of a difference… I can’t say the same for Young Solution though.

I used their Spot Eliminating drops at the beginning of the year (I stopped because my skin is sensitive). You just put a drop on the spot about five times a day and by the next week, you can literally peel your spots off. The stuff works wonders! It does have its side-effects: the skin you apply it to dies quickly and shrivels up. But its definitely worth the effort.

Go on, give it a try!

Granny Gets Action

I like to listen to things that don’t call for my ear. I think they call it ‘putting your nose in people’s business’? Guilty as charged.

So you can imagine the chuckle I got when I overheard the domestic worker telling my mom that her grandma (69) is pregnant. Please, give me a moment (LOL!). I heard that first part and of course, I had to listen to the rest!

The two went on laughing about it as Tendai, the helper, told my mom that her grandfather is six-feet under! That’s how I came to the conclusion that this granny is getting action!

Anyway, I had to listen again when she said that dear old gran was going to get an abortion. What’s with the old lady? She should’ve hit menopause already!

For the Love Of: Diggy Simmons

I’ve always imagined my wedding with Diggy Simmons. I still do actually.

I’d be in an off-white Vera Wang dress and he in a Calvin Klein tux, cause he’s just sexy like that. Our kids? Spoilt brats! My daydream, however, is always ruined by the thought of them inheriting those horrendous lips that little Russy has. Give the kid some Labello.. Or as the Americans call it: Chapstick! That is NOT sexy!

I once thought he didn’t have lips period, since he’s so light and they fade in. Curses of being a yellow-bone ne?

Anyways, Diggy… “I do” 🙂