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My Indie-Music Fetish

So I’ve got this thing with indie music. Well some of it is indie but I’ll just collectively classify it as that genre. Right now, I’m listening to Miss You by Foster The People.

Since their Pumper Up Kicks, this band has become one of my favorites. The best songs of theirs, would have to be:
※Houdini ♡
※Helena Beat ♡
※Miss You
※Color on The Walls (Don’t Stop)
And of course ※Pumped Up Kicks ♡

Another band that I’ve come to love (my BBM contacts would agree because this band always shows in my ‘Listening To’) is Florence and The Machine. Someone put a stop to Florence Welch!
Actually, you won’t want to do that once you’ve heard:
※Between Two Lungs ♡
※Cosmic Love ♡
※Heavy In Your Arms
※Only If For a Night ♡
※Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
※You’ve Got The Love

[Absolute favorites marked with a ♡]

Now don’t be like me when you hear these songs: only listen to the first few lines. Stick it out to the chorus and you’ll be singing a different tune afterwards.