Unflattering Fit

What’s worse than a lady’s bra-straps showing? A bra that doesn’t fit!

I went to the supermarket today for a slab of chocolate with shortbread bits (my guilty pleasure) and as I stood at the counter behind a full-figured woman, I noticed that her bra was digging into her back. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being well-rounded. As Mika says “Big girls you are beautiful.” However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t know when something is unflattering.

If your bra is uncomfortable then it probably isn’t the right size for you, doll. Then there are the people in my category who lack that… Should I say, talent? These babies don’t seem to be growing! But that doesn’t mean that I should wear bigger bras to give of the illusion that my assets are bigger than they are.

Some of us may not know what the correct cup is. That’s what lingerie shops are for. Go in for a fitting or just ask someone you trust when you’re unsure.


Find The Matching Block

I have this thing with forgetting people’s names. I mean, I could see a person and hang out with them for an entire day, but when it comes down to calling them because I want something, all I can say is “Excuse me,” and carry on with my request.

Embarrassing, I know.

So this plague hit me today. I was at Virgin Active (couldn’t even last twenty minutes on the bicycle) when I saw Mbali and her retarded friend. Yes, I forgot her name. Hence I waited as our group conversation went on and Mbali finally said something where she mentioned her name.

Zinzi! Cue light bulb.

Special girl and super funny, but her name just wouldn’t come to me at the time. Trust me, I’ve even tried those memory games where you flip the blocks and match this cow with that cow, this rooster with that rooster and so on.

I could forget potential Mr. Rights’ names. Help!

P.S: Sorry Zinzi