“Hey World, it’s B!”

They have become very popular words, known as being the first on new mom Beyonce Knowles’ account.

Over the past three years, Beyonce has gathered close to 3 millions followers without saying a hoot. When she finally broke her silence, the Twitter world went crazy and so did I. No doubt, everyone’s excited to hear what more she has to say after that first tweet, which went as follows:

“Hey World, It’s B! I’m so excited to invite you to my new http://beyonce.com – we’ve been working hard, and it’s finally ready for you XO”

It would seem like an uninteresting tweet solely backed my promoting her brand but the personal website actually proved to be the opposite. There’s actually an album in it which shows fascinating behind-the-scenes pictures from her life with Jay-Z. Who wouldn’t want to know what this power couple does in their spare time? So, check the site out and be as in awe as I was by just how humble (and beautiful) this lady is.