“Flex, 2, 3, 4..”

So am I the only one who has noticed how sexy trainers at the Virgin Active Health Clubs are?

I’m not one to gym often but since summer is coming, I figured that I should go to the gym at least once every two weeks (Yes, that’s an improvement). Not only for the beach body though, but also for the trainers. And who has never pretended that they don’t know how to stretch so that the trainers can help them out?

Oh, those boys. I swear, they do something to me. Just pulled into the parking lot now. If I can cycle for at least 15 minutes and jog a kilometer then I’ll deem this day as being productive.

Let’s go.


Find The Matching Block

I have this thing with forgetting people’s names. I mean, I could see a person and hang out with them for an entire day, but when it comes down to calling them because I want something, all I can say is “Excuse me,” and carry on with my request.

Embarrassing, I know.

So this plague hit me today. I was at Virgin Active (couldn’t even last twenty minutes on the bicycle) when I saw Mbali and her retarded friend. Yes, I forgot her name. Hence I waited as our group conversation went on and Mbali finally said something where she mentioned her name.

Zinzi! Cue light bulb.

Special girl and super funny, but her name just wouldn’t come to me at the time. Trust me, I’ve even tried those memory games where you flip the blocks and match this cow with that cow, this rooster with that rooster and so on.

I could forget potential Mr. Rights’ names. Help!

P.S: Sorry Zinzi